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Anka International is the leading supplier in India offering the largest range of spring and sheet metal machinery and allied equipments.

These machines operate world wide across locations in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Canada, Middle East and consistently exceed client expectations due to unparalleled precision and performance, innovative technology and the use of high grade materials.

Founded in 2009, Anka has rapidly penetrated the Indian market selling over 500 machines to increase precision and productivity for the Top 50 companies engaged in automotive component manufacturing.

Anka caters to 30 different sectors that include the Automotive, Medical, Home appliances, Construction, Electrical, Defense, Aerospace and Engineering space.






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Anka represents the world’s best in class manufacturers in these categories to ensure all your productivity, design, quality and manufacturing targets are met:

Why Anka?

Anka’s clients are undeniably loyal and develop a deep level of trust in the Anka Brand for these two unique qualities:
High Quality

High Quality

Anka is committed to selling high quality machines
Client Service

Client Service

Anka is committed to providing unparalleled service to their clients, at every stage

Pre Sales

The Anka sales representative combines business acumen with technical experitise when consulting the client. They are able to anticipate the client’s needs and recommend the perfect fit, that not only boosts production, but offers a solution to their business challenges with the larger objective of “helping clients make money”. Clients have come to rely on Anka for this expertise and hard to find ‘voice of the manufacturer’


Anka hand holds each client through the customization, training, and installation phase, providing complete transparency on dates and terms

Post Sales

It’s this crucial phase of the relationship that cements the bond between the client and Anka. Known for stellar post sales support, 24-7 availability and going the extra mile, 95% of Anka’s customers stay loyal