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Twin Head: Micro 8: Mk XII

PAVE’s Micro 8 – 8mm wire twin head wire forming machine.


  • Fully programmable to produce three dimensional shapes.
  • Capacity up to 8mm diameter and 3500mm long.
  • Ten programmable bending speeds – up to 0.5 seconds for 180 degrees.
  • Repeatability on bend angle =/- 0.05 degrees.
  • Variable carriage speeds up to 60 meters per minute, with positional tolerance 0.01mm from datum.
  • Clamp unit allows 360 degree rotation of wire, with 10 programmable speeds up to 0.02 seconds for 90 degrees.
  • Simple touch screen programming, with three dimensional graphics.
  • Automatic loading of wires into bending machine from magazine.
  • Off-line programming.
  • Straightening with the PAVE Trueline Wire Straightener.
  • Sequential component forming.
  • Tool change 10 minutes.
  • Program change 30 seconds.
  • Fed from cut lengths of coil.
  • Modem/Live Video Link.
  • Twist Free Wire.


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