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HCM Series – Camless type

HCM series are 11 ~ 16 multi-axes, high precision and reliable multi purpose spring forming machines with large LCD displays. HCM series offers all the same features and benefits of the RFM series with the addition of individually servo control slide with no direction limit. This greatly reduces spring setup time and increases versatility over traditional cam forming machines. Furthermore, it also increases production rate. All slides have a larger slide stroke that assists in producing large tension, torsion, wireforms and such parts.

HCM is capable of processing flat wire, square wire, rhombic wire…etc. Built in on-line help, makes learning effortless. The optional EA 2nd hook forming station is for high speed production of extension spring.


  • Max 16 Axes (Standard 12 Axes)
  • Online help file.
  • CNC control auto slide lubrication.
  • Camless design, without limitation.
  • Synchronize multi-axis forming.
  • Programmable slide for high speed production.
  • Quill protection to avoid quill breakage in manual.
  • Smart IO for easy maintenance.
  • 3.5” floppy disk for external storage.
  • 5 Solenoid valves (Optional of 10).
  • 3 touch sensor probe and 2 optional optical sensor probe for precision control of angle and diameter.
  • Optional EA station (2nd hook station).
  • Optional dual servo spinner or single servo spinner.
  • Optional hydraulic cutter


Wire Forming Capability 0.4 ~2.6 φ 1.0 ~ 4.0 φ 2.0 ~ 5.0 φ 3.0 ~ 8.0 φ
Max Feeding Rate 90m/min 90m/min 70m/min 60m/min
Slide Stroke 80mm 130mm 150mm 250mm
Max Power 18.5 KW 34 KW 52 KW 92 KW
Axes Controller MAX 16 MAX 16 MAX 16 MAX 16
No of Roller 4PCS 6PCS 8PCS 8PCS
EA Application YES YES YES NO
Weight 1500KG 4000KG 5200KG 12,000KG
Dimensions (cm) 135*175*185 210*200*195 270*240*205 306*448*282
Voltage AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ

We reserve the right to modify the machine specification for the reason of improvement without prior notice.


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