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VM-26 – Wire diameter: 1.0 to 2.6 mm, Maximum 16-axis control

Japan Spring Machines

The new mechanism and 16–axis servo motor enable a wide range of motions.
Simply add tools and a program and the VM-26 is ready for production.


Feature 1

A torsion machine with 16-axis control for wire diameters of 1.0 mm to 2.6 mm
  • Equipped with 16 standard axes: feed, feed front/back, quill rotation, wire rotation, top table left/right, bottom table left/right, various slides, and 2 R servo slides.
  • Deep with a long slide stroke, providing a wide clearance space.

Feature 2

Mechanical parts
  • The feed unit rotation mechanism of the VM series enables high-speed, smooth wire rotation as a result of its small moment of inertia. This is because the center of gravity is the wire line, which is also the center of rotation.
  • The feed unit has an integrated quill and is controlled to move forward and backward.
  • The main table is divided into top and bottom halves, and each half moves left and right.
  • The initial tension axis, making pitch, tool groove alignment, etc. are set in the program.
  • Enables a wide clearance space with a quill depth of 120 mm and slide stroke of 140 mm.

Feature 3

Dedicated MNO Program for Spring Production
  • Easy operations for quicker preparation.
  • High resolution for controlling the latest servo motors.
  • Allows varied control of axes based on measurement results.
  • Common program for both torsion machines and coiling machines.
  • Includes a motor sensor system.
  • Versatile production management screen and production data collection function.

Feature  4

Optional Equipment
  • IS-1 shape detection unit with camera


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