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Single Head: Axis VI

PAVE have developed what is probably the simplest programming system available today. With on screen Video clips continuously running, each video clip shows a specific operation that the machine can perform. To program the machine with the operation just touch the on screen video clip and the program line will be automatically entered.

PAVE incorporates the very latest engineering design, operating and forming control systems technology, for the production of wire formed parts. Offering fully automated, CNC and friendly operating technology, that requires minimum operator training, The Axis VI gives proven product quality, ensuring a real and very considerable ‘Reduced Cost per Product’.

The all new fully rotational Wire Forming Machine from PAVE, represents the very latest design and forming available, in this the latest generation of high, accurate and cost effective wire bending machines.


  • Versatile up to 7mm wire forming capacity.
  • New design and operating technology.
  • Video assisted touch screen programming.
  • High output levels with reduction costs.
  • Minimum set up and change over times.
  • High output levels with reduced production costs.
  • Highly cost efficient, fast, reliable and compact.
  • Short and long length high quality products.
  • Modem/Live Video Link.


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