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Machines for the Control of Production & for Strain Tests

MC54 − Automatic machine for the adjustment and testing of the spring loads with a flexibility, speed and precision capable of controlling 100% of the production

High performance machine for examining the length and the load of compression springs, with adjustment stations. An innovative system both of measurement as well as adjustment without the use of compressed air, allowing for speeds never attained before. Used for selections of 100% of the production and for examinations of medium large batches. A wide range of machines with various capacities.

MCR − Universal testing unit

MCR is a flexible, multi−purpose testing machine for the accurate dimensional measurement of almost all springs and shaped parts. It can test the parts directly at the out−feed of the forming machine, or the in−line furnace, or simply be hopper fed.

SCR − Automatic testing machine suited for the 100% dimensional measurement of compression and torsion springs, and various minute parts

A testing machine for 100% of the pieces. Inspection of the dimensional characteristics of compression & torsion springs and minute parts. Can carry out the selection while exiting the grinding system, after passing through a bender or when assisted by a feeder. Extraordinary flexibility and a surprising production speed.

RDZ − Automatic machine for presetting compression springs, grinded or not.

High performance machine for presetting compression springs. An innovative system, without the use of compressed air, allows high speeds which have never been reached, so far. This versatile machine allows to set springs, even before the grinding process, on a very large scale of diameters.


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