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Instruments for Measuring Force

PMZ − Automatic dynamometer⁄spring−tester for the static⁄dynamic length and load measurement of traction and compression springs

A highly automatic and exact load−testing instrument with a standard range of spring loads from 0.04 N up to 5 KN and lengths measurable up to 700 mm.
Robust, exact, dependable and fast measuring with the in−passing measuring mode.
PMZ−M version with a resolution of 0.001 mm for even higher levels of precision

MXM − Automatic, multiple cell dynamometer⁄spring−tester for measuring high loads

Modular machine designed for measuring the load of weaker springs up to 100 KN with the use of one instrument only. Can be equipped with three load cells for a maximum measurable length of up to 1800 mm.
The machine is predisposed for the breaking−point traction test of materials.

PTM − Manual torsiometer for measuring the torque of torsion springs

Compact, extremely practical and manageable, with similar characteristics as the PTZ instrument but with movements at manual command.
Can be connected to a personal computer with the appropriate software, but is fully able to function completely autonomously. It holds a range of torques measurable from 10 Nmm to 100 Nm.

PTX − Automatic, motorized torsiometer specifically for highly sensitive torque measurements of torsion springs

Created specifically for measuring the torque of springs with critically precise, very low levels of force. Rapid preparation of the samples made possible by the three motorized axes and equipped with a system of force detection designed for maximum sensitivity.

PTZ – Automatic, motorized torsiometer for the torque measurement of the torsion springs

Motorized instrument for the torque measurement, designed particularly for testing springs. High in precision and easy to use, this torsiometer is indispensable for those who design torsion springs or for those who have to carry out frequent measurements. With a range of torques that can be measured from 10 Nmm up to 100 Nm.


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