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Single Head: Zukron II Mk VI

High speed, accurate and cost-effective Zukron fully rotational wire forming machines utilise the very latest wire forming technology. They have a continuously rotating head and incorporate PAVE’s unique front end wire stabiliser and patented straightening system for the production of highly accurate twist – and mark-free finished wire products.

Zukron machines are available for handling wire of up to 8mm diameter. They can quickly, accurately and cost-effectively produce extremely long surface length wire formed products in both simple and complex three dimensional shapes. Extremely fast set-up and change-over times coupled with fully automated user-friendly CNC operation ensures very economical production.


  • Capacity up to 8mm diameter wire.
  • Continuous 360 degree rotating fast and versatile wire forming head.
  • Patented wire straightening system processes wire in a twist-free condition, allowing accuracy similar to hard tooling.
  • Produces both simple and highly complex three dimensional shapes.
  • Delivers highly accurate finished form products.
  • Fast, compact and reliable.
  • Handles short and long length products.
  • Fully automatic user-friendly technology requires minimum operator training.
  • Modem/Live Video Link.
  • Twist Free Wire.


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