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CSC Series – Spring Coiler Type

CSC series machines are one of our most reliable, precise and high speed 2-4 axes compression spring coilers at economical price’s. Independently servo controlled Outer Diameter and Torsion Device can be added if needed to produce various types of compression & magazine springs. All the machines have high quality industrial CNC controller’s and very strong mechanicals. Change of coiling direction from Right Or left is very fast & with very simple mechanical changes that are done in a matter of minutes.

All controllers are designed on the basis of a simple user interface & making transition between machines effortless. CSC has an optional length gauge & sorter system that can be added if needed.


Wire Forming Capability 0.2 ~ 0.8 φ 0.4 ~ 2.0 φ 1.0 ~ 2.6 φ 2.0 ~ 5.0 φ 3.0 ~ 8.0φ
Max Feeding Rate 210m/min 150m/min 120m/min 46m/min 42m/min
Coiling Ratio S3 S3 S3 S3 S3
Max O.D. 20mm 40mm 60mm 80mm 120mm
Max Power 2.8 KW 7 KW 10 KW 29 KW 42.5 KW
Axes Controller MAX. 4 MAX. 4 MAX. 4 MAX. 4 MAX. 4
No of Roller 2 ~ 4PCS 4PCS 4PCS 6PCS 6PCS
Servo O.D. Application YES YES YES YES YES
Servo Torsion Application YES YES YES YES  N/A
Mechanical Torsion Application YES YES YES  N/A  N/A
Weight 400KG 700KG 1000KG 2500KG 6000KG
Dimensions (cm) 90*88*150 135*80*175 163*90*180 205*155*192 308*216*200
VOLTAGE AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ


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