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Instruments for Dimensional Measurements

LED2D − Completely automatic video profile projector for measuring springs and minute parts with centesimal precision

This machine offers speed, precision, easy to use throughout the testing and measuring processes of springs and minute metallic parts. Thanks to its innovative technology, the LED2D instrument is able to detect the exact measurements of the piece with a truly surprising accuracy and speed.

The operator needs only to establish the measuring parameters, and then lay the pieces in the field of view of the instrument.

LED3D − Video camera analyser to detect and examine the total geometry of a compression spring

The instrument is the most complete and fastest for analysing the geometry of cylindrical and cone−shaped compression springs. In a matter of seconds the operator is in a position to measure the dimensional characteristics of the compression spring with regard to their perpendicularity and parallelism, diameter, pitch, concentricity, and to analyse the complete profile of the spiral, with particular attention given to the first grounded spiral.

LED4D − Analyser of the deformation of the compression springs under load; measures deformations, lateral and torsional forces

This furnishes the complete analyses of the compression springs subjected to a load. Besides performing the common measurement of the axial force, it can determine the lateral forces, torsional force and, by means of the video camera, analyse the deformation of the spring at every degree of compression.


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