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CSM SERIES – Simple Forming Machine

CSM series are high precision and reliable spring forming machines at an affordable cost. The CSM offers a standard 3 axes mechanism with an option of servo spinner and EA or Secondary Hook station. The CSM has two controlling methods, being, master slave mode or CNC mode. The high speed design cam driven system and larger slides is for an extended life of the machine. The Servo controlled rotary quill offer versatile use of the machine without direction or rotation limit on the quill. Teach mode is use to manually create a draft program of spring via the MPG. The CNC can be control from +/- 0.01 degree to 359.99 degree. Every command can be programmed at different speeds which greatly increase’s the production output.

Full set of cams and tool holders are supplied with every machine. Optional EA 2nd hook forming station is for high speed production of extension spring.


  • Standard 3 axes system: Wire feed, Cam, Rotating quill.
  • Max 7 Axes.
  • Synchronize multi-axis forming.
  • CNC control auto slide lubrication.
  • 5 Solenoid valves (Optional of 10).
  • 5 touch sensor probe port for precision control of angle.
  • Optional EA station (2nd hook station).
  • Optional servo spinner system.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Smart IO for easy maintenance.


Wire Forming Capability 0.1 ~ 1.0 φ 0.4 ~ 2.6 φ 1.0 ~ 3.8 φ 2.0 ~ 5.0 φ 3.0 ~ 6.0φ
Max Feeding Rate 200m/min 90m/min 90m/min 65m/min 80m/min
Slide Stroke 60mm 70mm 85mm 120 mm 120 mm
Max Power 4 KW 8 KW 12.5 KW 18 KW 35 KW
Axes Controller MAX.7 MAX.7 MAX.7 MAX.7 MAX.7
No of Roller 2PCS 4PCS 6PCS 4PCS 6PCS
EA Application   YES YES YES YES
Weight 500KG 1000KG 1500KG 3000KG 3500KG
Dimensions (cm) 136*120*157 140*155*185 159*186*203 232*210*195 223*330*210
Voltage AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ AC 220V 3φ
We reserve the right to modify the machine specification for the reason of improvement without prior notice.


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