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Anka has leveraged its market experience to select partners that are a perfect fit for the Indian market, combining superior performance with immediate impact on profitability. Indian manufacturers rapidly experience the benefit of their investment and recognise that Anka can meet all their needs.

Herdon - Taiwan

Herdon is the largest CNC spring manufacturer making over 700 machines a year which range from 0.10mm to 20.00mm. Their in-house R&D, software development, machine and tool manufacturing allows them to race ahead of competition and offer their customers cutting edge technology with the highest speed and productivity. Their machine quality ensures they last much longer than any other with minimum maintenance.

Dongseo - Korea

Dongseo is very well known for making the fastest, strongest and highest accuracy multi-forming machines catering to the sheet metal industry. The combination of sturdiness and high productivity output means they last you a lifetime. The Dongseo machines are reputed to have the highest accuracy levels at high speed production as compared to any other Multi Forming Machine. In addition, their machines hold the maximum capacity to make a large range of components, offering unbridled value to their customer. Automotive, Electrical, Electronic, Aero, Defence, Refinery, Construction, White Goods etc., are some of the industries catered to by the Dongseo machines.


Founded in 1962, Oriimec is the ultimate leader in fine wire spring production machinery, offering customers most product variation and incomparable speed. Providing unique solutions with their “renowned” Japanese technology, they have machines that can make ultra fine components used in medical, automotive, electrical, semi conductor and electronic industries. Their emphasis on R&D and the patents held by Oriimec enables their machines to work 3 times faster than any machine in the world, for some components.

Microstudio - Italy

Microstudio is the first maker of testing, measuring and inspection instruments for springs and minute parts, that solves quality problems for spring manufacturers and offers spring users 100% quality check and certification. In 1999 MicroStudio launched the LED40, which revolutionized the way to measure springs directly on a coiler. At the same time, MicroStudio developed the 1st load tester dedicated to spring checking. With this heritage of innovation, MicroStudio continues to be a worldwide leader in their field with 100% Online and Offline inspection and testing for parts under process and finished parts.

PAVE CNC Wire Forming Systems Ltd - UK

PAVE CNC Wire Bending machines for the international wire/tube and heating element forming industries. The Patented Pave Wire Straightening Technology known as the True Line Straighteners are the only Wire Straighteners that Guarantee 100% Flat, Twist Free and Bolt-Straight Wire after the straightening process that once again Guarantees 100% accepted parts.

The machine’s combined with their straightening technology and B&R High Speed Graphic Touch Screen software, makes Pave years ahead in quality and speed in the Wire Bending Industry.Pave has revolutionized the quality standards for the Automotive Industry with their Wire Straightening System!

A TEC Wire bending machines - Korea

A-TECH was established in February, 1984 with the idea of becoming the leader in Wire Bending machines and Special Machines. Today their expertise and accumulated experience in domestic and international markets is reflected in their superior wire bending machines. The Double Head Bending machines are helping build automotive components very easily and changing the way vendor’s produce their components resulting in huge savings on manpower and profits from higher productivity and quality.