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AT-HB 80/100/130/160 Series


  • This machine was developed for the purpose of processing wire forming, which is suitable for production of complicated  & diverse products ranging from 2D processing to 3D  processing.
  • 4 point mandrel axis made for the purpose of assisting  complicated working can be changed during automatic working of minimum ‘R’ or standard ‘R’.
  • This system, due to low cost, can improve productivity ranging from single mass production to wide   selections in small lots.


MODEL No. AT-HB80 AT-HB100 AT-HB130 AT-HB160
Material Soft wire diameter
3.0 ~ 8.0 4.0 ~ 10.0 6.0 ~ 13.0 6.0 ~ 16.0
Hard wire diameter
2.5 ~ 4.0 3.0 ~ 6.0 4.0 ~ 8.0 4.0 ~ 10.0
Max bend angle infinty
Max wire feed length infinty
Max arm rotation angle infinty
Feed Max100m/Min
Bend Max600º/Sec
Arm rotation Max400º/Sec
Cut Max100mm/Sec
Mandrel rotation 90º, 180º, 270º
Offset Max125mm/Min
Mandrel up/down Max300mm/Sec
Sleeve up/down Max300mm/Sec
Repeational accurate Feed ±0.1mm
Bend ±0.1º
Arm rotation ±0.1º
Motor Capacity 12kw 14kw 16kw 19kw
Number of nc axes 4Axis 4Axis 5Axis 5Axis
Machine weight 2,200kg 2,800kg 3,200kg 3,600kg
Machine dimension(mm) 1600(H)
Power source 200~230V x 3Phases
Standard attachement Mandrel(Desinated size) – 1Piece
Cutter(Desinated size) – 1Set
Feed rollers(Desinated size) – 1Set(4Pieces)
Wire guide – 1piece
Optional attachement Unloading robot
surface cutter unit (Online with Vender is possible)
End forming press unit (Online with Vender is possible)
Mandrel feed rollers, etc. Bending tools(Desinated size)

※ The contents of this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.


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