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CLS-16Ⅱ – Wire diameter: 0.5 ~ 1.6mm

Japan Spring Machines

Produce German and U hooks in addition to beautiful English loops

An extension spring machine with a maximum wire diameter of 1.6 mm.
Maintains the popular high-speed productivity for English loops and bicyclic loops and greatly improves the preparation for German hooks, U hooks, and other atypical hooks


Feature 1

Enable high-speed production of extension springs with a beautiful hook shape
  • A dedicated extension spring machine for wire diameters of 0.5 to 1.6 mm.
  • Produces the beautiful hook shape expected of the CLS series.
  • Enables a much higher speed of production than general torsion machines.
  • The 11 axis control of the CLS-16II enables many locations to be controlled by values, including the coiling point for 3D operations, and provides high performance preparation and reproduction.

Feature 2

Make the production of German hooks and U hooks easier
  • The CLS-16II maintains the production performance of English loops and bicyclic loops, while greatly enhancing the ease of producing German hooks and U hooks.
  • The number of Hooking tools for processing the hooks has been increased from three to six, to enable easier adjustment and stronger coil retention.

Feature 3

Pattern programs
  • Programs are automatically generated for the 3D coiling point operations and wire feed amounts required for the shapes of same diameter, different diameter, one-side U hooks, and both-side U hooks.

Feature 4

Optional Equipment
  • IS-1x  shape detection unit with camera
  • Two cameras measure the hook shape on both sides
  • Stage sensor units (various)


Format CLS-16II
Wire diameter 0.5~1.6mm
Outside coil diameter 20mm
D/d 4 or more (*)
Spring Length Wire diameter x 10 coils, up to 140 mm (*)
Feed Axis Minimum input 0,001 mm, maximum speed 165 m/min
Point Axis Resolution 0.001mm
Initial tension Axis Resolution 0.001°
Torsion Axis Resolution 0.001°
Cam axis Resolution 0.001°
Transfer axis Resolution 0.001°
Clamp axis Resolution 0.001°
Tooling axis x 2 Resolution 0.001°
Tooling slide axis x 2 Resolution 0.001°
Power source AC 200V 3-Phase, 20A
Solenoid valves 8pcs
Service air pressure 0.5MPa(5.1kgf/cm2)
Net weight 1,200kg
Control device OS Windows7
Display 21.5 inch touch panel
External memory USB thumb drive
Service Temp. 0~40°C
(*) May differ according to the wire diameter


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